FO – State Street Cowl

One of my most favorite knits to date is my State Street Cowl (rav link). It was a super quick knit thanks to the bulky yarn and knitting with size 13 and 15 needles. It’s easy to wear and pair up with other knits and outfits. And it works as a shoulder wrap too if pulled down some. Totally recommend to those looking for a quick knit to gift or keep for yourself.

state street cowl

The pattern: State Street Cowl by Pam Allen

The instructions are very easy to follow, there’s absolutely nothing I didn’t like about knitting this cowl. I just adore the stitch pattern as well. I’ve already made another as a gift. :)

The yarn: Berroco Peruvia Quick, 9147 colorway, 2 skeins

The yarn, to me, was fated to become this cowl. It provided great stitch definition and after a washing it blocked beautifully. I did make sure to rotate the cowl as often as possible to avoid any crease forming. The odd thing about this yarn was that it was really dirty which I didn’t notice until I was washing it. I’m not sure if anyone else has experienced that as well but it’s something to keep in mind. Otherwise the yarn is great and super warm.

Taking stock – accessories edition

Today I had an urge to organize my finished knits stash as it was getting a little frustrating have to look in multiple places for a particular hat or scarf. Occasionally I forget how much stuff I’ve knitted over the years. I took this picture as I was organizing to serve as a reminder that I’ve knitted a lot despite the fact that I live in a place that’s halftime summer and the rest of the year is a mix of all seasons from one day to the next. Today 75 degrees Fahrenheit, tomorrow 41.


These are just the accessories and not even all of them. I’m really happy with how colorful my knits are. I tend to dress plainly – there’s almost no prints in my wardrobe – but it really is awesome getting to explore color sense in these fun add ons. :)

WIP: Lady Sunnyside

It’s that awkward time of year where the majority of my works-in-progress are holiday gifts. Nevertheless, it’s exciting. My pile of items to be washed and blocked is growing at a good pace and I should actually have everyone’s gifts done by the necessary dates! But that does mean my stuff to blog about is limited so I figured I’d share what’s currently on the blocking boards: my Lady Sunnyside cardigan.

Pattern: Lady Sunnyside by Tanis Lavallee (Rav link)
Yarn: Squoosh Fiberarts Ultra Worsted in Vino, purchased from Eat. Sleep. Knit.
Additional info on my projects page
Lady Sunnyside

It’s officially Fall in Texas now. The AC hasn’t come on in days and I’ve been wearing sweatshirts around the apartment in attempts to put off turning the heater on. The cats are more cuddly so there’s a plus side for sure. Anyway, the cardigan was pure pleasure to knit. It’s actually still drying. The fan is blowing on it behind me and I’m super ready for this one to be done. The pattern is well-written and easy to follow. There’s even 2 collar design options – a cable version & a lace version – the latter is what I chose for mine. I just need to choose some buttons and weave in the ends so I’ll probably have this ready to wear in a couple of days.

closeup of Lady Sunnyside blocking

I alternated skeins throughout but there are some portions where I can see when I switched to a new ball. The yarn itself was very nice to work with. It produces a lush fabric that is consistent in gauge and does not grow wildly after a bath. In the end though, I’m really pleased with it all around. The pattern, the yarn & the color form a trifecta of cardigan happiness. I’ll share some more photos when the final touches are added. :)

Stranded knitting hack

I could never catch on to the knitting with both hands method of doing stranded knitting. I’m much more comfortable keeping the colors running from my right hand (I’m a thrower) but when working with more than one color I would get frustrated with my yarns twisting together. I started dreaming up elaborate contraptions to keep this from happening but ultimately all it took was a humble condiment tray (aka “Lazy Susan”) to keep things straight.

stranded knitting on tray

I got this tray for less than $10 at Walmart and it’s been worth every penny. Now I can twist or untwist my yarn in a few quick turns of the tray rather than pick up each yarn ball and spend a few minutes untangling them. Do you have some knitting hacks that you enjoy using?

Mittens shown are the O.W.L. mittens by Celeste Young from the “Unofficial Harry Potter Knits, Special Issue 2013” published by Interweave.

Spin to spin

Hi! It’s been so long since I last posted I almost feel like I have to reintroduce myself. I spend so much time in front of a computer screen at work when I get home all I want to do is watch TV or read a book rather than open my laptop. Today, however, I figured I’d do some updating. I hope you like the new look to the blog! It’s been the same theme for years and it was time for my blog to have a new outfit. It feels a bit like a breath of fresh air. Alright on to the fun stuff! :)

Although I started spindle spinning in March 2013 I didn’t really get much spinning done until I purchased my Schacht Ladybug wheel last October.

Ladybug spinning wheel

Since then I’ve spun about 24 skeins from a variety of fiber dyers such as Pigeonroof Studios, Spun Right Round, and Becoming Art.


some unwashed skeins

My fiber stash isn’t too extensive but it has taken over a nice amount of space in some of my bookshelves. The top shelf houses the finished spun yarn on the right hand side (the left is some sweater quantities I need to get to).

fiber stash

Quite frankly, I really have been spinning to spin. Until a few days ago I hadn’t knit with any of my self-spun skeins, however, I’m hoping to get some holiday gifts made over the next few months and would really like to use some handmade yarn for a few of them.

Some favorites that were recently washed:

Spun Right Round – Falkland in “Party” 2-ply, 168 yards, Worsted weight

Spun Right Round Falkland in Party

Pigeonroof Studios – South African Merino in “Nighthawk” chain-ply, 358 yards heavy-fingering weight

Pigeonroof Studios merino in Nighthawk

Malabrigo – Nube merino in “Mostaza” chain-ply, 184 yards, DK weight

Malabrigo Nube in Mostaza

My finished skeins aren’t perfect but I really love how they’ve been coming out. Spinning has been so rewarding, I’m really happy to have gotten into another crafting endeavor that helps not only augment my yarn collection but also provides additional reasons to knit something awesome.

Cheers! ♥