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So you’ve decided to start a blog…

Hi there! I think an introduction is in order. My name is Amy and I knit. Actually, I’m more like obsessed with yarn and knitting is the outlet in which I can really use the yarn I love. During the day I am a librarian (aspiring is a better description), I love to organize and gather information. I also have cats. As you can see, I’m what people think of as a “stereotypical librarian,” which I can assure you was not done on purpose. Cats, books, yarn are the loves of my life and I would not change it for anything in the universe.

Eleanor and Rose

Ok enough about my background, this blog is about yarn and knitting. I will add that my favorite yarn to use is wool. I think Merino and Peruvian sheep wools are the two types that really make my heart sing. Do you have any favorites or stand-outs that find their way into your stash time and time again?

Since this is my first post I’d like to finish off with a link to a pattern I designed. I would not consider myself in any way a designer, however, this little quick knit was something I had a hard time finding a pattern for so I went ahead and put it together out of necessity. These two were given to my work colleagues (one drinks tea, the other coffee) as Christmas gifts. Just a little something to keep that hot drink hot. I hope you enjoy! You can find the pattern on Raverly*: here or on the Designs page.

Simple Coffee Cup Holders

Cheers, keep warm and happy knitting!

*If you have not joined Ravelry, do it immediately! It’s a wonderful repository of patterns, yarn information, designers, and forums all revolving around knitting and crocheting (with weaving intermixed). And it’s FREE! What’s not to love about that?

2 thoughts on “So you’ve decided to start a blog…

  1. Chairman, WOW! Love it, already. You might just make a knitter out of me yet. I told my mom to subscribe. She bought a Vogue Knit calendar that has a new stitch each month, she’s apsiring to great things in 2011. (We shall see).

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