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Mittens: A Cautionary Tale

Ok, I’ll admit it. I’m one of those people who hates to make a pair. Be it a pair of mittens, mitts, slippers, socks, etc. I always always manage to make the 2nd of the pair differently. The first will come out perfect, but that poor 2nd one has to endure my wrath as I try to quickly get through the pattern for a 2nd time. In this particular case it was a pair of mittens. Originally the pattern is for a set of flip-top mittens. [Pattern by Jane Richmond, called “Red is Best”, find it on Ravelry or Etsy] I’ve even made a pair of flip-top ones for my little brother. However, I decided to make some plain mittens to fit the exact specifications of my hands. I succeeded with the first one. It, as they say, fits like a glove. The other one came out about an inch longer.

Red is Best mittens

As you can see, there’s a definite difference. I know it’s something that I’ll be the only one to really notice, but it will bug me. However, when I realized my mistake I was just at the point of the very last decrease and couldn’t bear the thought of having to rip it all back to the point of pattern reading failure. My mistake was that I did not pick up reading the pattern at the point where I had last finished. The offensive mitten has a full repeat of the thumb-shaping section. This certainly makes the case for doing the two-at-a-time method. So I implore you to learn from my mistake and clearly mark where you left off on a pattern. I had let this 2nd mitten sit in my project pile for a while and figured that being stuck in the house due to ice was the only time to just get it over with. Well they’re done, at least I can say that now.

Those are different, they are

Ok, the yarn I used for this project was Berroco’s Peruvia. An aran weight, 100% Peruvian Highland Wool, twisted roving yarn I picked up in Austin last year. I only bought one skein of this color and figured 174 yards would get me a good set of mittens. I know this yarn is felt-able, and I think if I rubbed the two mittens together very fast I’ll felt them without even having to put them in a washing machine. On size 6 needles the fabric is thick and insulating. I love the beautiful brick color. Red mittens just seem so very right when pairing them with a black or navy coat.

So moral of the story is to mark the last thing you did on your pattern if you plan on not looking at it for a while. Happy knitting!

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