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Vogue Knitting Live! – NYC

A few weeks ago I was very lucky. Lucky in that I was able to go to New York City without being stuck in a blizzard or have my flight cancelled due to one. Now, two of my very best friends live in the city which has allowed me the luxury of not spending money on a hotel. They really are amazing friends. One of them even went with me to Vogue Knitting Live! (she’s not a knitter yet, but I’m working on it…) VKL! was the inaugural event held by who else, Vogue Knitting. It included classes, lectures, runway shows, and, of course, YARN! I am so glad I got to go because it was seriously the most fun I’ve had! I was overwhelmed, really, because the whole place was swarming with tons of people all there for the same reason – love of yarn and a craft. I purchased quite a bit, I’ll admit it. My friend politely let me talk her ear off about why I needed a certain type of yarn and how magnificent it was and “doesn’t this color look beautiful??” She graciously and covertly even took a picture of me getting a book signed by one of my favorite designers, Ysolda Teague!

Right next to Ysolda’s signing table was this very infamous knitter/crocheter/author:

Yep, that’s right, Debbie Stoller! I learned how to knit and crochet from her Stitch ‘N Bitch books! Not too far from the area where these two prolific designers were was a Gallery of some knitted art. Isn’t this amazing?

I unwittingly bought the book Knitting Mochimochi from the author and creator of Mochimochi Land, Anna Hrachovec. I wish I had known so I could have told her how amazing her ideas are. In the book there’s a pattern for a little sofa that I’ll soon be making for my sister’s birthday gift (don’t worry, she already knows about it).

All in all, I would completely go to this expo/knitting conference/trade show again in a heartbeat. There is actually going to be a second one later this year in LA. I haven’t been to the west coast for over a decade, maybe I should make the trip? We’ll see how the stash holds up…

*The burgundy sweater you see on me in the picture with Ysolda is a pattern by Veera Valimaki called Honey Cardigan. I was asked about ten times while at VKL! and decided to share the info. You can see my project notes here on Ravelry.

7 thoughts on “Vogue Knitting Live! – NYC

  1. Love reading your thoughts on “paper!” It was a blast. Thanks for inviting me. I really am so impressed with knitting. If I start knitting will you start racing?? ;)

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