Yarn Travels: Hill Country Weavers

This past week I drove down to Austin to attend a wonderful and inspiring library conference. While there I made sure to stop by one of my most favorite places, Hill Country Weavers. A yarn shop situated on the busy South Congress street, HCW is filled to the brim with yarn and friendly staff members willing to help you wade through it all. What’s so charming about this place is the nooks and crannies, you can tell it was a house at one point. There is no sterile feel to it at all, just cozy warmness. I highly recommend going there if you happen to be in Austin. I specifically went to HCW this time because I knew they had the new Shelter yarn line by Brooklyn Tweed. Jared Flood, the amazing person/designer behind Brooklyn Tweed, developed this yarn using only resources available in the US. It is a woolen-spun, worsted weight yarn spun in Harrisville, New England (known historically as a mill town). I only had one skein at home and felt that needed to be rectified with the addition of lots more skeins. As you can see, I didn’t do so bad…

I already have particular plans for my Shelter yarn. The other things I picked up (Portland Tweed by Classic Elite, Felted Tweed by Rowan, Cascade 220 Sport….see a trend?) have some loosely associated patterns I may or may not have linked them to in my mind. We’ll see how it goes. Currently, they are just additions to my already enormous collection.

* The yarn hutch you can slightly see on the left will be fully explained/properly introduced soon. Stay tuned. : )

3 thoughts on “Yarn Travels: Hill Country Weavers

  1. I like Austin too! It’s just a great place that has a little of everything for everyone. I’m glad you had fun and came back to the DFDub victorious with lots of new yarn. :)

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