Jewel of the Hutch

Every collector has something in their collection that stands out as the most prized piece, the crowning jewel so to speak. For me, that jewel is my skein of Silk Mist from Grey Drizzle Fibers. This is the single most expensive skein of yarn I own…

One skein of this 100% Silk yarn will get you 1070 yards. It is a 2 ply lace weight. The colorway is called Cobalt.

The pictures don’t give justice to how amazing this yarn looks in person. Absolutely stunning and luminous, this yarn is without a doubt the most gorgeous spun fiber I have ever seen. And that’s the description of the yarn still in hank form, I can’t wait to see it in action! That’s right, I’m still looking for a pattern that really can show off this yarn the way it’s meant to be seen. I think I found it, a shawl by Diana Rozenshteyn called Lemon Drops. I like the way the drops almost look like water droplets. Something water related is what I envision for this yarn. I know the pattern calls for fingering weight, however, I’m sure it’ll look just as beautiful in lace weight.

For now, the yarn will remain in my hutch to be admired and petted every now and then. : )

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