The Grand Total

I have finally done it! I cataloged my yarn and reorganized it. The cataloging took all of last night and a better portion of today to get put together but I now have a copy in Excel and Access (both have their uses). I heart lists like no other and this one was a biggie. According to my “Master Stash List” I have 689 skeins of yarn (excluding the yarn in use), and I would say about 99% was bought in the past 2 years. I don’t even want to fathom how much it all cost. It’s better to just not know…

It’s funny though because I did this whole thing for one reason: I simply had to know how many Knit Picks skeins I have in my stash. I received the April catalog from Knit Picks yesterday and realized I had no clue which colors I already bought. My wish list on Knit Picks is ridiculously long and I just wanted to make sure I wouldn’t order duplicates of what I have in stock. Wow, I sound like I run a yarn store. Anyway, I feel much better now knowing what’s in the hutch and various tubs – I have quite a bit more Madelinetosh than I thought I did! It also gave me a chance to go through everything in the hutch and fall in love with my yarn all over again. ♥

I didn’t show you all this before, but here’s a quick shot I took of one of my Cascade 220 boxes…

And this picture is of the other love of my life, Rose

She was glad when I finished the list too but for a different reason. Cats get so huffy when they feel neglected. She’ll forget all about it when we play “fetch the sparkle ball” before bed. : )

5 thoughts on “The Grand Total

  1. That’s a fair stack of wool. Unlike you, I’m not brave enough to face up to how much yarn I have in my “stash” (and how does one define a ball? Do 200g hanks equal one? Or four? hehe). As far as I’m concerned, I’m not SABLE, and therefore have ample excuses and opportunities in which to enjoy (and acquire more….). It’s fantastic to meet a fellow enthusiast! :-)

    1. I’m aiming for 1,000 by the end of the year. My sister asked me how much it all cost and I literally could not process actually determining that. Like you, I’m just going to keep enjoying yarn and acquiring it. : D

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