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blue’s the word

Feeling blue? – I wonder how that phrase came to be? For me blue is cool, calming, sustaining. In fact, I’m wearing a blue shirt while writing this post. So I suppose there will be no surprise when I say that my most favorite of my knitted garments is in my favorite shade of blue. According to the crayon box that color is Cerulean. Ahh….what a beautiful color.

This yarn cake is Cascade Venezia Worsted. It is composed of 70% Merino wool and 30% Silk. This particular color is #179. There are 218 yards per skein if you wish to know. I wanted to show you something from my stash that also has a finished object to go along with it. I initially had 2 skeins of this yarn and thought I would need both. Thank the stars I didn’t because I am able to make something else gorgeous with this last skein.

I made the Infinitude Scarf by Jeni Chase. It’s so lovely in its simplicity. A pattern that doesn’t require too much yarn so it’s okay to use that special, maybe expensive yarn you’ve been hoarding. I managed to use only 1 skein of the Venezia Worsted because I cut out a few  rows of ribbing (from 15 to 10) and accidentally forgot a row just after I changed into the long rows of purling and knitting (oops). Oh and I casted on 210 stitches because I wanted the cowl to hit at my waist rather than my hips. These mods left me with about 2 yards left of yarn, it was a close one! However, I am SO happy with it!! Seriously, it’s my go-to accessory when I just need a little something to keep my neck warm and add some color to what I’m wearing.

The drape alone is outstanding and the silk adds a bit of dressiness when paired with jeans and a t-shirt. This was something where I felt the pattern and yarn were perfectly matched. No knitter’s remorse here!

If you ever come across a skein of Venezia Worsted, try it out! It’s worth the money and one skein can go a long way. Also, the pattern is FREE. You now don’t have any excuse not to make one for yourself or as a gift. :)

*In case you were curious – the yarn in my header up there is this exact yarn (leftovers). I think it looks navy because of how the light was hitting it. Oh well, it’s still pretty either way.

6 thoughts on “blue’s the word

  1. your cowl looks gorgeous! I just finished a cowl in cascade 220 in a very similar colour last night but it is not as lovely, in fact, it is potentially a knitting fail, I’ll have to see once it dries! A little bit of cowl envy is happening here! :O)

  2. Gorgeous, as always!! And you are correct, the color is amazing and definitely suits you well. :) Hope you have a great week, friend. 5 weeks till I come home!!

    1. Hey girl! I just saw your comment and I’ll make sure to bring my elastic waist pants for sure because truffles AND bbq mixed with IT Crowd is going to make for some awesome times! Cannot wait for summer.

  3. That is such a beautiful color. After using Cascade Yarn myself, I’m in love. I love the texture and how well it show’s up the stitches. I’m going to one day buy this Color yarn as well. Thanks for sharing.

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