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Bunny army of Cute Tails and Ears

Happy Easter! or if you wish, Happy Spring Day! I’m currently working off a nasty stomach bug and will keep this brief. However, I do hope you and your loved ones have a lovely (and healthy) day today. I wanted to share a few pictures of some bunnies I made for a work colleague. I whipped these up in a few days and hid them around her desk. :) If you wish to sneak some around the office the pattern is free and can be found by going to Rebecca Danger’s blog. Her other patterns are outrageously adorable. I’ve made several monster’s as gifts and they have all been well received. The cutie in my Gravatar profile photo was made from one of those patterns. Ok, now for the bunnies!

First to pick the yarn…

Then to set them up in adorable poses….

5 thoughts on “Bunny army of Cute Tails and Ears

  1. These are too cute. Love them. That’s a cute idea you have about hiding them. And leave some jelly beans behind too. lol.

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