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Review: Online yarn shops Part II

I’m afraid I’ve been rather boring this past week. No posts and for some reason I just couldn’t get myself to sit too long in front of the computer. Do you ever have weeks like that? I believe my mind is mentally attempting to prepare for the fact that I’ll be taking two online summer courses starting next week. Graduate courses. So if I seem to disappear for the next 4 weeks, well, that’s why. Hard work pays off though, this time next year I’ll have my second graduate degree and I’ll be another step closer to that PhD. I’ve been dreaming about since high school.

Alrighty, todays review will cover two of my favorite online yarn shops that sell a great many brands and types of yarn. Kathy B. brought these two up in her comment from the last review and I figured they were great candidates for this second review. Next time I’ll write about another two shops that specialize in a smaller group of yarn brands. Again, I would like to say these reviews are based on personal experience and opinion.

1. Jimmy Beans Wool

Usually when I’m doing a search for a particular color or skein of Madelinetosh or Noro, Jimmy Beans Wool inevitably pops up. They have an amazing selection of yarn (dozens of brands), needles, notions, patterns – pretty much anything you need to get going on some knitting or crocheting. I also love their search function. You have all sorts of options to narrow down your results list into something more manageable and fitting to your needs. Want to search by price range? They have it. What about by washing instructions? They have that as well. I feel the need to remark on this because when you have so many options it really is important to be able to get certain results quickly without wading through each yarn type/brand individually. That sort of thing takes hours. Not to say that I haven’t done that, but there are times when you may want something particular and it’s nice to limit your search from the start.

Also, they have very fast shipping which is awesome when you’re eagerly awaiting four skeins of Noro Silk Garden that you’ve been dying to get your hands on. I do have a project to show with that Noro, by the way, but it will have to wait for another day when I can properly block and photograph it. :) However, I did recently purchase a couple skeins of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in Grand Street Ink (a purpleish-brownish color).

This special colorway is courtesy of the always brilliant Jared Flood, founder of Brooklyn Tweed. I may sound a bit like a groupie, but I do sincerely love his patterns. So classic and timeless. I wish I could knit faster so I could get through each one and add them to my collection. One day, hopefully soon. These skeins in particular will eventually be Rock Island.

2. Yarn Market

What can I say about this haven of Cascade 220? Besides the fact that I love them and I couldn’t be happier with their selection or customer service. A few months ago I absolutely had to have a large stash of 220 because I wanted to make toys, lots and lots of toys (mainly from Anna Hrachovec’s Knitting Mochimochi book). Yarn Market was there for me, they had nearly all of the colors I was looking for. When they realized I had ordered a color that was no longer in stock someone personally called me to let me know about it and asked if I wanted to substitute another color or get a refund for that skein. Usually when that happens  at other online yarn shops I get an email. The super nice person that called made me feel like my order was valued and they were intent on customer satisfaction. I also love their search functions. Seriously, those things are useful! I can’t say that enough, it really makes buying yarn much easier.

A few weeks ago I sent my mom a giftcard from them for Mother’s Day. I tend to get nervous with giftcards sent over email, but they made it so easy. I got a carbon copy of the giftcard in the off-chance my mom did not receive the email. That set my mind at ease a lot and guess what she got with it? A few skeins of Cascade 220! It’s really hard to go wrong with them. Anyway, while on the subject of Cascade 220, here’s a scarf I made for a friend last Fall. I’m very proud this, mainly because it took me three weeks to do and I normally hate making scarves. This one was pretty easy though (just knit in the round) and I really just wanted to see the finished product. I loved the color combination, I suppose that would be the upside of being part of Slytherin. Although, I like Gryffindor just as well. My friend has already asked for that one for next winter. I’ll probably get to that when the temperatures start dropping again, which will be sometime in October…

Anyway, if you’re interested in making a similar scarf just take a look at my project page on Ravelry. I have the specific skein colors on there.

Ok, that’s it for this review. I hope you enjoyed it! Or at least helped in some small way. And if you haven’t visited these sites, I highly encourage it. They are both fantastic places to buy yarn from. If you have some favorite places please share! The ones listed in the comments last time were:

The Wool Company
Loopy Ewe
Little Knits
ColorsSong Yarn

I hope to try these sometime in the near future. Happy knitting!

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