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I’ve Got a Crush on Noro Cowl

Well folks, I should actually be reading for my classes but I just couldn’t do it. I really wanted to get this cowl “pattern” written up because I’m so in love with it and I hope you will be too. I say “pattern” because it’s more like a recipe. I clearly drew inspiration from Jared Flood’s recipe for his Noro Striped Scarf (which is just gorgeous), however, I didn’t want to knit a full-on scarf (especially in 1×1 rib). So I got myself 2 skeins of Noro Silk Garden in different colorways and just did some stockinette in the round in 2 round stripes. I must say that I’m head over heads over this cowl.

I don’t wear a lot of color, unless you count black and grey, so this cowl is just enough of a color boost that I can handle. I even like the inside the cowl. Maybe I’ll make a purled version soon. Isn’t this pretty?

This is the Noro I was referring to in my post where I reviewed Jimmy Beans Wool. I pretty much casted on immediately after they arrived on my doorstep.

I put the pattern up on Ravelry if you want to queue it or download the PDF. There’s also links to it on my Designs page. Please let me know if you have any questions about this cowl, I’m always happy to answer and help anyway I can. :D

3 thoughts on “I’ve Got a Crush on Noro Cowl

  1. It is beautiful!!! THe colours are so soft and lovely… makes me want to knit some Noro right away! :O)

  2. I love the color’s. Maybe I’ll find some at the Wool Festival this weekend. Wish you could come with me. I’ll take picture’s.

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