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Review: Online yarn shops Part III

Today was a rather loud day at work. Loud as in there’s construction being done along one of my office’s walls so I’m privy to those unmistakable sounds of walls being torn out. The better part of my day came when I got home and opened my package from Hidden Purls. Oh lovely yarn, how you soothe tense nerves. I figured this would also be a good time to do my last (for now) review on online yarn shops. I’m such a fan of hand-dyed yarns and these two shops provide some great options! As noted on the last two reviews (Part I and Part II) the below reviews are based on my own experiences.

1. Hidden Purls

This shop has a great selection of several yarn brands that I don’t often see at the yarn shops I live close to. I love that they have large pictures of each of the yarn colors which helps when searching for that specific color you need. And as I mentioned before, they have tons of hand-dyed yarn which I completely love and hoard like no other. Earlier this year I was on the hunt for some pretty hot pink yarn, preferably Madelinetosh. This was for a special project and I eventually was lead to Hidden Purls where I bought some gorgeous Tosh Merino DK in Vermillion.

The project was a shawl (Raveled here) for my work colleague’s newborn baby girl. She mentioned how she was looking for a hot pink /magenta-ish shawl to do a photo-shoot with so I went ahead and made her one behind her back. :D The yarn was fabulous to work with which is why I decided to buy a little more, hence the reason I received that package today. The yarn also blocks beautifully with magnificent drape, perfect for shawls. I highly recommend giving it a try.

Another great thing about Hidden Purls is their careful packaging and super quick shipping. When you order something, this is what you’ll receive.

So lovingly wrapped. It took a lot of self-restraint to not tear into the tissue, but I wanted to show you a photo. These skeins of Tosh Merino DK are Fathom (blue) and Oxblood (dark red).

What a great thing to come home to! Since I bought one skein of each I imagine that these will be accessories. I can’t wait till it gets cold again! Anyway, if you’re looking for a pretty yarn for a special project Hidden Purls is a sure bet for finding that yarn. :)

2. Eat. Sleep. Knit.

What to say about this haven of Madelinetosh and Dream in Color? Do you ever have something that takes control of you until you’ve accomplished it? The Yarnathon hosted by Eat. Sleep. Knit. was my something. I didn’t start it until May, but over the past two months I managed to buy enough yarn to reach that 26.2 miles of yarn goal. If you’re wondering to yourself “26.2 miles of yarn, isn’t that a lot?” the answer is yes. Yes it is. 46,112 yards approximately. And it takes a small fortune to get there. Since my summer classes were rather intense and at times extremely depressing I bought yarn to have something to look forward to. I bought lots of lace (one way to rack up those yards quicker) and managed to bring my stash total to 931 (remember my grand total from before?).

I love the selection of yarn. Lots of Malabrigo, Squoosh Fiberarts, and Madelinetosh to choose from, among others. Their prices are very reasonable. I got a lot of Dream in Color Smooshy to eventually make mittens with. My hutches are filled to the brim but I feel like it’s a much more well-rounded stash. I say that because I’m a hoarder and have to justify it somehow. ;) Anyway, the people at Eat. Sleep. Knit. are incredibly nice and I never waited more than four or five days (normally just three) to get an order in. Participants in the yarnathon can win prizes as they accumulate yards so I actually got some neat swag. I made this guy from a skein that I won. Raveled here.

I still need to put a mouth on him, but he’s made in Malabrigo Merino Worsted (wow, that yarn is awesome!) and the color is called Dusty Olive. I also won $100 in store credit from one of their Yarn Lotto tickets. From what I understand those are rare, so I immediately assumed it was because the Yarn Gods loved me. I suppose that’s debatable, but it was really cool!! All in all, if you’re looking for awesome hand-dyed yarn look no further. They have some real treasures. seriously, Squoosh Fiberarts, need I say more? That stuff is a dream…

I hope these reviews helped. Both of these shops are winners in my book. Please let me know if there are shops you love so that I can add it to the list of places to review another day. Happy Knitting! ♥

2 thoughts on “Review: Online yarn shops Part III

  1. Lucky girl! That Oxblood is particularly pretty. I saw a hank like that at one of my local yarn stores recently – it was done by a NZ Indie dyer Red Riding Hood, and oh my! I wanted it!!!

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