Finished Object

Son of a hutch

I promised several posts ago that I would show you my latest furniture finished object. It’s about time I get to showing you all! I apologize for the long delay. For those of you that don’t yet know: I stash yarn. Lots of yarn. Last year I bought a china hutch from IKEA to put my stash in and for a while it worked just fine. Before my hutch I used several plastic boxes and although that’s a good way to store things I just felt a nice display case would be much more appealing than stacks of storage boxes. But thanks to my consistent stashing my hutch became very inadequate. I still have the storage boxes (I have four under my bed alone) but wanted to get another type of hutch. So I went out, bought another hutch (well technically it’s a TV stand) and several hours later I had this!

This “mini-hutch,” as I call it now, holds my lace and fingering weight yarns. I planned to have it not be filled to the gills but soon discovered the Yarnathon from Eat. Sleep. Knit. and now have another overflowing hutch. That’s not a complaint, just means I need to hold off on buying lace and fingering weight yarn while I use what I have.

Overall, I’m really pleased with it. I have more table space for books and room to put up family pictures. If you are looking for an alternative idea to store your yarn – or anything for that matter – I highly suggest some type of display case. My sister sews and has collected some beautiful fabric and thread. I’ve been trying to talk her into getting one for her room. Eventually I’d like to get one for my finished knitted projects. Some of them are just too pretty to be boxed up in my closet until it gets cold again… :)

4 thoughts on “Son of a hutch

  1. i am so jealous of your stash! i wish i could stash more yarn but i have to be good and use up what i buy before my husband and son let me buy more!

  2. I love the Hutch/ TV Stand. I can’t wait to have a sewing/knitting room all to myself, So, I too can go out and buy myself a hutch for my yarn I’m starting to collect. Thanks for the idea. Love it!

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