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2 down, 2+ to go…

Shawls that is. I don’t get to wear them that often but I do love making them. I finally got around to blocking a couple of finished shawls a few weekends ago and since I haven’t done a yarn review in a while I’ll share my experience with these two very different shawls.

The first one I started way back in March. As always I had other projects on the needles but when I see a pattern I really like I tend to go ahead and cast on anyway. Veera of 100% Rain released her Stripe Study Shawl in February and I had to make it. The pattern was simple once I finally understood the whole “wrap and turn” thing. I love the simplicity of the stripes but, even more, I love the practicality. I was longing for a shawl I could wrap myself in. The shape is unusual but oh so interesting. It may have taken me over four months to complete but I’m happy I finished it before the fall starts. It’s Raveled here. Thanks to this shawl I now have the wrap and turn technique burned into memory. It was well worth it though. :)

This was my first time using Ultra Alpaca Fine. I liked it a lot, mostly on days that were not hot or sticky in my house. The yarn is 50% Wool, 30% Nylon, 20% Alpaca so you’re getting some warmth for sure with this fingering weight yarn. I love that there’s a little bit of an alpaca halo but I was so thankful for that nylon, otherwise this yarn might have fallen apart in my hands. I can tell you with absolute assurance that this yarn blocks beautifully. It held up very well. It grew but I wanted that to happen since I wanted a large-sized shawl. The drape is magnificent.

The color palette with Ultra Alpaca Fine is a wonderful set of heathers. The picture below is more accurate to the actual color you see in person.

All in all, I’m pleased with the pairing of the yarn and pattern. It’s going to be so useful at work when the AC gets to be too much.

The other shawl I made is purely for decoration. I had been wanting a crescent-shaped shawl for some time but was waiting on a pattern that I couldn’t live without. Rose Beck’s Crocus Shawlette fit the bill and a mere four weeks later I had this lovely shawl. Raveled here.

I loved how easy the pattern was, it was really well-written. I did the small size since I wasn’t sure if I would have enough yarn for any other size. I used Malabrigo Sock (my first time!) in the Eggplant colorway. I had this in my stash for a long while, never knowing what to do with it. Since I finished this I bought a few more skeins of Mal Sock because it is so scrumptious. I can’t believe I hadn’t knit with it before. This yarn also blocks beautifully (even with a hard blocking) but it’s the color that really has gotten my attention.

As you can see this yarn is many things. Purple, grey, brown, taupe, silver, lavender…. I’m so glad I saved this in my stash so that it could eventually become this shawl. Sometimes things are just meant to be. This shawl is definitely for nicer occasions, though, because it’s fairly delicate. Hey, I now have at least a few shawls to choose from. I have umm three more shawls on the needles already so I need to get going so that I can have those also by Fall. I am really excited about one in particular. :D

Oh, and if you haven’t gotten to it don’t forget to enter the giveaway I’m having for some lace yarn I destashed. The deadline is midnight August 17th 2011 (US Central time) and all you have to do is put a comment onto the original post here. I’m happy to send to wherever in the world so don’t be shy about entering. I’ll announce the winner on August 18th so stay tuned!!

9 thoughts on “2 down, 2+ to go…

  1. they are both stunning, but wowee, my eyes popped at that beautiful lace shawl! I love malaabrigo sock and have three skeins of the most amazing purple and turquoise in my stash, I had to buy three in the same colourway because I knew I would regret it if I didn’t… as I’m sure you understand ha ha
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend

  2. Those shawls are gorgeous. I can see you’re going to get a lot of use out of them! The Malabrigo colour in the Crocus Shawlette is so pretty! Every time I go to my local yarn store, I can’t help but drool over the Mal.

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