For the love of Eyre

Yesterday I finished reading Jane Eyre for the first time. I loved it. Immediately after finishing it I wanted to reread it. I never thought I would like it so much, mainly because I don’t typically read books of that genre. I normally read depressing books like 1984Fahrenheit 451 or even The Hunger Games (there are some truly horrifying parts). It was refreshing to read something that ends on a happier note. I also liked that there was some knitting done in the book. Which reminded me about a couple of shawls that I’ve had in my queue but haven’t got to. Both shawls were inspired by Jane Eyre in one way or another and I thought it would be neat to make these two next – after I finish the other two still on the needles, of course.

The first is called Moor Wandering. It’s a traditional triangle-shaped shawl with a solid stockinette body and lace border. It’s a lovely pattern and I’m really looking forward to casting on. I spent a lot of time thinking about the yarn choice for this one and finally settled on the yarn suggested by the pattern author, Celeste Glassel.

She did hers in Ultra Alpaca Light. I, thankfully, had some in my stash to sample and am currently waiting for 2 more skeins of Concord Grape before I start. Here’s what it looks like though.

I look forward to seeing it as a finished object in the near future!

The other shawl is called Jane’s Better Looking Sister Janet, which cracks me up I love that name! It looks very cozy and definitely something that will come in handy as it gets cooler.

I’m still debating on the yarn for this one. My first choice has been Sandnes Garn Alpakka in this cream color:

But I’m not sure how practical that is because I don’t wear cream that often. It would be plenty warm though since it’s 100% Alpaca and it would definitely have more of a rustic appearance than any other DK I have in my stash. I’ll need to make a swatch and see how I like it after that. Perhaps it’s better suited for a single-ply yarn? Decisions, decisions…

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to have a shawl inspired by a book I’m reading. Perhaps next time I read Jane Eyre I’ll have a shawl draped around my shoulders and lose myself in another time and world. As I’m sitting here pondering about it a flood of ideas just hit me. I need to hurry up and get these thoughts on paper. Until next time, happy knitting! :)

7 thoughts on “For the love of Eyre

  1. Hello.

    The file Jane Eyre is due out over here on the 8th or 9th of September. I@d like to read the book before I go and see the film (or is it the other way around, watch film read book…..) Can’t remember, must be getting old. I like the Cream Alpaca xx

    1. I highly recommend reading the book first, that way you have the entire backstory to reflect on as you watch the movie. I haven’t seen any of the movies or mini-series myself but I’m looking forward to watching the one that just came out. Hopefully soon! :)

  2. Thanks for pointing out those two shawls. They look really lovely!! The first one has such an architectural beauty to the edging. I think the alpaca will be beautiful and drapey and look so soft and gorgeous and warm as that shawl, but do be aware that it will probably stretch. I wonder what it would look like knitted in a single spun yarn?

    1. I just realized that both of these shawls would have Alpaca in some way if I end up choosing the Sandnes Garn for the second shawl. That’s not a bad thing, of course, and having some stretch would be really nice. I’m curious about a single ply too so I might just swatch both and decide then. :D

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