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Slow down, Life

Things have certainly been hectic on this end. I wish I could say I’ve been knitting up a storm leaving little time to blog but unfortunately that’s not the case. The fall classes have proved to be extremely time-intensive and I’m very much looking forward to my self-designated breaks next month. The good news is that I have gotten a few large projects done over the past three weeks. One of those projects was setting up our home sewing area. Now, before I was a Knitter (yes, the capital K is intentional) I crocheted. And before I crocheted I sewed. I didn’t do many large projects but much of what I sewed was for home decorating purposes. I let sewing slip by the wayside when I started learning how to crochet and knit but recently my interest has been refreshed. I believe this is in part due to my sister who has taken up sewing and ran with it. Anyway, since both of us are crafty people and have accumulated lots of craft-making tools I wanted to have a place where it was more or less centralized. What was once a dark corner with our never used dining table and last year’s Christmas decorations is now our new craft space!

The beauty about this sewing area is what you can’t see. Since we live in a small place we had to figure out ways to maximize the space as best as possible. Meaning I put up shelves, bought a storage ottoman and some small plastic storage boxes for things like buttons, fabric and thread. Overall I’m very happy with this space although my sister is the one that uses it. Hopefully when things slow down I’ll be able to actually enjoy it too!

My other finished project has actually been finished for several weeks but I finally got around to taking pictures of it today in all its finished glory. Oh yes, it’s another shawl. One that I started in March after seeing a sample at Hill Country Weavers when I was in Austin earlier this year. The pattern is one of Stephen West’s free patterns called Boneyard. I did my version in Rowan Felted Tweed DK using nearly all of 3 skeins in the Treacle colorway.

What I love about this shawl – well actually there are many things I love about it. First off is the ease of the pattern. Stockinette stitch and garter rows = blissful mindless knitting. Also, it’s a traditional triangular shawl but the garter rows add a modern feel. The Felted Tweed on US size 8 needles makes for nice and light fabric but don’t be fooled, this yarn packs a lot of punch. The alpaca content adds warmth and the wool gives you that slightly crisp texture which is just perfection. I wouldn’t say this yarn is next-to-skin soft because you can sometimes get poked with some alpaca guard hairs but it’s worth it in my opinion. Another thing I love about this shawl is that it’s massive. I can wrap it around my torso without feeling like I’m struggling to keep it in place.

This pattern definitely lends itself well to being adjusted according to preference and if you look at the projects page you’ll see how amazing it looks in all sorts of yarns.

My last and latest project is still a secret but I’m willing to share with you a small clue.

Can you guess what this is about? I should have it done sometime this week so I won’t keep you in suspense too long. Now, if only there were more hours in the day!

6 thoughts on “Slow down, Life

  1. Thank you so much for the wool that you sent me. I just love the colours, shared it with my sister who was eyeing up the green and the cream.

    It was so kind of you.

    thank you .

    Colette x

    (accidently posted this on Brooklyn Tweed as well!!)


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