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I heart vacations

My oh my, has it really been 2 weeks since I lasted posted? It certainly has been a very busy 2 weeks though as I have been doing some traveling. My sister and I went to Colorado to visit family. We were really lucky, it was the most exquisite and lovely weather you can ask for and we took full advantage. I actually got back home a week ago but wanted to give a proper update because there are lots of crafty goodness to share. FYI this will be a long-ish post (with lots of pictures), I hope you enjoy!

Being crafty ladies, my sister and I made a request to stop at a few yarn and fabric shops during our stay. Fortunately, we spent a good portion of our first day  in Colorado in the Old Town area of Fort Collins, which in my opinion is the best part of Fort Collins. I say that mainly because there are the most charming fabric shops and yarn shops you can imagine. The fabric shop we went to, Mama Said Sew, has a beautiful selection of old, new and/or organic fabric. They also carry buttons, notions, and books. I wanted to spend all day there but the yarn shop beckoned and we moved on after I picked up some fabric to take home. I plan on stopping by the next time I visit Fort Collins, for sure.

According to the shop employee, this fabric is a reproduction from the 1950s. It was too pretty and unique to pass up.

The above two pictures are panels from the Circa 1934 collection by Moda. I have not been able to find these particular panels locally and was more than pleased to view and buy them in person. Oh, the many things to make with these panels!

Lastly, I picked up this really awesome ribbon. Seriously, what a find for less than a dollar!!

The yarn shop we visited in Fort Collins was My Sister Knits. I love this place! If I could live next door to any yarn shop, this one would be it. There’s even a chicken coup and beautiful garden in the courtyard area in front of the shop. Make sure to look at the shop’s website’s picture gallery. This place is magical. I actually even found some Zealana 8ply on sale. I can’t wait to try it!

I also picked up some Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light in Violin (the rust color at the bottom) and a couple of balls of St. Denis Nordique (at the very top of the picture). The Nature Spun Sport was bought at the Stitchin’ Den (also a wonderful yarn shop), which is located in Estes Park. Talk about a beautiful town, Estes Park is beyond gorgeous. It’s located at the base of one of the entrances to Rocky Mountain National Park. We did spend a day just driving through Rocky Mountain National Park. What a spectacular place to live so close to.

While visiting the family I was able to give my brother and dad their gifts. Hats…because hats are quick and practical. And my brother didn’t scoff at my offering. He actually used it! Here’s proof:

My brother’s hat is from Jared Flood’s Turn-A-Square pattern (which is free, by the way!) and my dad’s brown hat is from Tanis Fiber Arts Grammy’s Hat pattern (also free!). These patterns are definitely good to have on hand for a last-minute gift that takes no time at all.

Last Sunday we all took a stroll through downtown Estes Park. It was such a beautiful day to just walk and window shop. I seriously could not have asked for a better trip overall and was over the moon to see my family again. I’m looking forward to the next time we can go visit. To finish up, here’s a photo my mom took of my sister and I while in Estes Park.

I’m the one on the right wearing the I’ve Got a Crush on Noro Cowl. Sigh, I really need to move to a place like Colorado where my handknits can actually be used…. :)

7 thoughts on “I heart vacations

    1. Colorado is a great state for fiber. Fort Collins has about 4 yarn shops alone, which is a big deal since my hometown only has one. You should try going around the time the Estes Park Wool Festival happens. It’s in June every year and it’s amazing.

  1. Such a lovely photo of you and your sister. I love the hat you made for your Dad, I have been looking for the perfect hat to make fo my Dad for Christmas and I think that this could be it!! Looks like you had good shopping and family time. That ribbon made me smile.

    Take care


  2. I got very excited seeing you found Zealana..! I hope you have fun with it. :-) The hats look great. I’m going to have to give Turn A Square a go. I’ve seen quite a few nice examples of it, and yours is superb. And wonderful photos of the Colorado scenery!

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