A knitter’s frustration

I’m mad. Not angry mad, more like a good mad (if that exists). The Brooklyn Tweed team came out with another stellar Look Book collection and have added a new yarn line called Loft. Argh, how am I supposed to knit what’s in my current queue when so many gorgeous patterns keep coming out? And the yarn….I can foresee lots of Loft in my future. Loft is the new sibling to the oh-so-wonderful Shelter yarn line BT offers which is a personal favorite. I’ve used it for a scarf and hat so far and have plenty more set aside with certain projects in mind. Loft, however, is a 2-ply fingering weight yarn that comes in 32 drool worthy colors, meaning it’s going to make colorwork so much more interesting and fun. This new yarn is also made from Wyoming-grown Targhee-Columbia sheep and is woolen-spun. If Loft is anything like Shelter I’ll need to dedicate some major space in my yarn stash for it. If you haven’t used Shelter, please consider giving it a shot. The feel of the wool is rustic and warm and the lanolin that’s leftover on the yarn provides some very nice conditioning for the hands and wooden needles. Some people may not like that, but if you do you’re in for a treat. Okay, as far as the new look book is concerned I’ll show you my three favorites:

Click on the pictures to go to the BT site for more info

Go take a peek at the new collection. It’s so worth getting frustrated/excited about. :)

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