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Goodness, the past two weeks seem to have zoomed by. I feel like all I’ve been doing is secret knitting for the upcoming holidays and the wedding I’m attending this weekend. It’s all fun stuff of course, I love making personalized gifts. I’m also working away on a new pattern which I hope to release soon after some editing and test knitting. I’m crossing my fingers it’ll be done by the end of the week! Since my current projects are veiled in secrecy I thought I might write a little about what the book I’m reading: The Knitter’s Life List by Gwen Steege.

I was at the bookstore a few months ago looking for books on quilting and came across this one. With no hesitation I picked it up and immediately decided that it should be mine. Why? Because I adore lists. And this is the motherload of lists for any knitter (or even non-knitter) to indulge in. The book is separated into eleven chapters with each revolving around a different facet of knitting and yarn. Also, each chapter starts with a list of things to do, learn about, participate in, and discover. It’s chock full of information, resources, and techniques to absorb and is presented in a non-intimidating fashion. Even the most seasoned knitters could probably find something new in this book that they would like to try. I am SO glad someone thought to put a life list together for us knitters. There’s so much to learn and do, this book helps to keep some of that on track.

I’m not sure if this would be a “sit down and read” kind of book to everyone. I’ve been going at it slowly, reading a few pages each night. I love that there are so many fascinating tidbits included in this book. History of knitting, fiber descriptions, designer bios, techniques from around the world, tips on how to fix mistakes (to name but a few) are included in this rather hefty book. You won’t find patterns in the book but each chapter does give plenty of suggestions on popular patterns that can be found on Ravelry with a quick search.

If you are interested in learning more about the various aspects of knitting I highly recommend this book. It’s comprehensive enough without being overly detailed about each topic. There is a very useful Appendix with a list of resources broken down by each chapter for those who do want to find more specific information. I sincerely believe this is a must-have for every knitter’s library. :)

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