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The Year of Colorwork

I hope you all had a very wonderful weekend! This is my favorite time of year because I get a week of holiday time, which means knitting time!! Oddly enough I’m still working on Christmas knitting. I hope the recipients forgive me for my belated gifting but knitting takes time and I like to make sure things are done right rather than hastily.

As the title of this post points out this year, for me, seems to have been all about colorwork. My first attempt at colorwork was back in February. If you’ve been following along since then you might remember my Beauchamp cowl that came out far too small. I still have yet to do anything with it. I’m thinking about putting in a fleece lining and making it my new tablet sleeve. That certainly sounds easy enough, I really should try to get to that this week. At any rate, it was a great beginner project to learn how to knit with multiple colors.

I also started this Grouchy Couch for my sister’s birthday in March. She’s *ahem* still waiting for it. Maybe I’ll finish it in time for our next birthday…

And then there was the Mockingjay chart that I used to make this teeny pillow.

My pattern that I released last week was my first attempt at charting my own colorwork. (By the way, thank you for the lovely response on Ravelry. By my standards it seemed to be a hit which means a lot to me since this designing thing this is still new to me.) I’m currently working on a multi-colored version of The Academic where instead of using two colors, I’m using four. Here’s a progress shot:

I also made a couple of colorwork cowls as wedding gifts. It’s not often you can say you went to a steampunk-themed wedding held in a science and history museum. Definitely my favorite as far as weddings go. I wanted to incorporate their awesome theme into their gifts. These two were a couple of the secret things I was working on a few weeks ago. Don’t worry, I’m not ruining any surprises now.

These were made from the Industrial Skies pattern. I couldn’t recommend this pattern more. It was easy to follow and beautifully charted. I hope to make myself one in the future. Just need to decide on the colors. Raveled here for the black one and here for the grey one.

I’m nowhere close to being a master colorwork or stranded knitter. I knit using the English-method and have not been able to coordinate my hands to hold one color in each hand. So it is slow going, but completely worth it. Seriously, if I can do it anyone can. I’m looking forward to learning a new technique or skill next year. I’m still deciding on what it should be. Maybe Shetland lace? Or sock knitting? Perhaps miniatures? I have a few more days to decide. :)

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