Organization is a virtue, right?

At least for me it is. Or maybe I’m OCD about my yarn stash since I constantly feel the need to rearrange and perfect my yarn database. Either way I’ve spent the better part of today and last night to get my yarn yardage totaled up. Which meant doing this:

(this is actually only a portion of my worsted-weight stash)

and entering data into this:

(my yarn database is in Microsoft Access)

so that I could find out that I have well over 181,000 yards of yarn. The problem with this number is that it is inaccurate. The other problem with this number is that it is considerably less than what is actually in my collection. I still have a chunk of data to enter but I was eager to see my progress. I suppose one could also see that the sheer highness of this number as problematic. Those who might think that may not understand the mind of a yarnaholic. To me, I have a very lovely stash and this number only reminds me how extremely fortunate I am.

So in light of this I think I’ll do another giveaway. I cleared out some yarn that I’m sad to see go but know that another person could provide a much happier home for. The giveaway will begin January 1st, with more details (and pictures) to come. Stay tuned…. :)

6 thoughts on “Organization is a virtue, right?

  1. Very pretty! I love the gem tone thing you’ve got going on. Did I do the math right-102 miles of yarn? Considering I knit a little less than 7 miles last year, I’d say you’re set for life.

  2. You have some pretty amazing colours going on there. I think that you can never have too much wool, you never know when you might need just that shade, weight, amount etc


    Are you sure you have enough????

    1. Haha, I agree, one can never have too much wool. Somehow I always end up going back to the yarn shop for another color or weight I happen to not have enough of for some particular project. I’m not sure how that is possible but it happens more frequently than I like! :D

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