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Birdcage Mittens: Done!

Phew! Just in time because it’s the last day of NaKniMitMo 2012!

I just wove in the ends and snapped these photos. I know I was cutting it very close but  the past few weeks have left me with little time to knit. Thank goodness for the larger gauge. It made for some quick progress because I’m not sure I would have gotten any fingering weight mittens done this fast. I do love these though. They are soft, thick, and snug. The colors are just the icing on the cake. Raveled here.

I did learn a few important lessons while making these mittens. The most important of these was being better about catching (or twisting) my yarn colors on the wrong side when there are longer floats. I didn’t do this at all with the first mitten and I regret it. There are some really long floats for the side with the birdcage on it. The second mitten I gave more thoughtfulness to and the neatness is definitely noticeable. You’d think this would have occurred to me last year when working on all that colorwork knitting I did, but oh well, at least I know now.

I also learned how to do the Kitchener stitch better. This is a skill that I know will be coming in handy soon. Meaning I finally decided what this year’s knitting goal is. I’ll explain better next time. I’m off to admire my mittens and catch up on some gift knitting. :)

5 thoughts on “Birdcage Mittens: Done!

  1. What beautiful mittens!

    I don’t usually tack down my floats, even the long ones … the exception being when I use superwash wool, as I believe you did here. 100% wool felts after just a few wearings, turning the floats into a liner of sorts. But the mittens can’t be tossed in the washer, either.

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