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DFW Fiber Fest 2012

I love yarn. Have I mentioned that? This past Saturday was my second opportunity to go to the DFW Fiber Fest and it was even better this time around. The budget I imposed on myself fell by the wayside as I scoped out all the new vendors that participated this year. So many choices! So much pretty yarn! I was in yarn and fiber heaven. Get ready for a photo-laden post! :)

The very first booth I went to was for Western Sky Knits yarn. They are based out of The Woodlands, Texas but there looks to be dyers that contribute from other parts of the country. I picked this one up:

Magnolia Worsted MCN (Merino, Cashmere, Nylon) in Forest Nights. 200 yards to a skein, I think it’s meant to be some squishy mittens or a hat. I love the dye job on it, mostly blue with a little green, just gorgeous. Shabby Sheep (a yarn shop near downtown Dallas) will be carrying this yarn soon.

Which brings me to my next acquisition. The Shabby Sheep booth was my next stop and I finally found the perfect yarn to go with the Jane’s Better Looking Sister Janet shawl that I didn’t get around to making last year.

This yarn is Cestari Traditional 2 ply worsted weight 100% wool. I liked the rustic quality of this yarn and always have a hard time passing up a woolen spun yarn that is reasonably priced. I also picked up some small sock yarn bits and gift tags.

I love that sheep tag so much! It was the only non-yarn thing I got.

I also got a few more yarn bits from the neighboring booth, Two if by Hand. They sell both unspun fiber and spun yarn skeins.

I do have to say that offering little mini-skeins is a genius idea. It’s a great way to let someone give a yarn a try that they haven’t experienced before or are on a buying budget. Mini-skeins are also extraordinarily useful when making something that requires small amounts of multiple colors. I store these in a ziplock bag to keep them from getting lost in my stash.

I made a quick stop at the Great Yarn Company to pick up this skein of Noro Kureyon Sock in S236. I’ve been eyeing this color for a while and am glad a booth at the fiber fest had it available. According to Yarndex, this color was discontinued in Fall 2010 so I’m even more grateful I picked it up when I saw it. I haven’t officially decided yet but I’d like to use it toward a shawl, but I can see it becoming socks too.

After looking at a few more booths I finally steeled myself up to go to the Madelinetosh booth. Needless to say it was busy. And cramped. I realized after a few minutes in there that I was fiercely clutching the skeins I was holding. I did get some wonderful skeins and found out some exciting news. But first, the yarn…

These 3 skeins I specifically asked for and they magically had available. Tosh Chunky in Cousteau (my most favorite color) to make the oh-so-awesome Big Herringbone Cowl from the Purl Bee. A massive cowl isn’t the most useful thing where I live but I’m hoping it will prove its worth one of these days.

I also got to see their new spring colorways in person and chose two of them to take home with me. This is Twist DK (a new yarn base) in Cathedral…

and below is Silver Fox (on the left, not new colorway but still gorgeous) and Autumn in New York (right).

This yarn base has a different feel compared to the well-known Tosh DK. There’s also more yardage (250 yards/skein) in the new base. I’m looking forward to swatching and seeing what the other differences, if any, there are in comparison to the Tosh DK. Right off-hand the difference with this yarn base is that you can see clearly the yarn plys.

Ok for the news. Some of you may already know this but Madelinetosh is opening a brick and mortar store very soon. I received a flyer in my bag saying they will be opening sometime this month. They also provided the address which I promptly searched for after I got home. Well as luck would have it the shop is located in front of my neighborhood! It’s literally 5 minutes, perhaps less, from my house!! Obviously this is big news for me as I love their yarns and have a considerable amount in the ol’ stash. The downside is, of course, that I can’t spend all of my money there. I mean, I have to be a responsible adult, right? I will be sure to update you when I hear a confirmed grand opening date. I asked one of the shop assistants at the booth and was told it would either be the 2nd or 3rd week of the month.

Last but not least I made my final purchase at Gritty Knits. They provide a very lively and eye-catching color palette of yarns. I chose this green color of Timebomb. I think it must be a new yarn base for them because I did not see it listed on their website.

This yarn is definitely going toward socks. 75% wool/25% nylon, I can already picture this yarn knitted up and on my feet. I love the vividness of this color and think it’ll work well with some light cables.

So as you can see the DFW Fiber Fest proved to be a wonderful gathering of beautiful yarn. Fiber artists also were treated to some very gorgeous braids of fiber. I recommend looking at the DFW Fiber Fest blog or facebook page for pictures. It was the place to be this weekend and I’m very happy I got to pick up a few new brands to try out. ♥

3 thoughts on “DFW Fiber Fest 2012

  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time. Something about buying wool isn’t there. The assortment of colours you got is really fantastic Great news about the new shop opening so close. Our new wool shop is also about five minutes from my front door and I love spending time in there, lucky enough I have been lucky enough to get a sometimes ‘job’ in there so try to stick to just spending what I earn in there!!

    Look forward to seeing what you make.

    Best wishes, Colette

  2. First of all, I cannot believe the Madelinetosh store will be 5 mins. from your house! I don’t envy the will power you will have to have NOT to spend all of your money there. :) Secondly, love the yarn you chose at the Fiber Fest. Our Carolina Fiber Fest is coming in May, and I’ve been setting aside $$ for lots of new goodies. :)

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