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Chickadee from Quince & Co.

I realized that I haven’t done a yarn review in quite a while. I can’t think of a better yarn to start up my reviews again than with  Quince & Co.‘s Chickadee yarn. I recently used it to make myself some Lucy mitts by Dawn Catanzaro. What a great pattern! But first the yarn…

This was my first time actually knitting with a yarn from Quince & Co., I bought a few skeins back when they first formed the company but never got around to making anything out of it until a few weeks ago. I can’t believe I waited so long! The Chickadee yarn is absolute heaven to work with and now my new favorite sport weight yarn. Each skein has 181 yards and is 100% American wool. The description Quince & Co. gives on their website is pretty on target. The yarn is plump and springy, yet strong. It’s also incredibly soft and one of those yarns that you simply want to live in. The knitted fabric is even and clean, with very little fuzzing. Also, the price is reasonable too. Below is a picture of Chickadee in the Honey colorway.

You can probably see the plies from the picture. The yarn feels airy, somewhat like how a woolen spun yarn feels open and airy. I believe this is worsted spun yarn (if I’m wrong, please correct me!) so tugging on this yarn doesn’t mean that it will automatically break, it’s not super fragile. It also spit-splices very well. I enjoyed every minute I worked with this yarn and have since added several more skeins to my stash. I would really like to see how it responds in colorwork.

As I mentioned above I made the Lucy mitts (Rav link) a pattern available from Quince & Co.

These mitts were such a quick knit and incredibly easy! I love when a pattern and yarn come together in perfect harmony. There was just enough cabling to keep my mind from wandering too far off. The end result is a set of mitts that fit perfectly and are the exact length I wanted them to be. Raveled here for my project notes.

If you’re considering buying from Quince & Co. I highly recommend getting a color book. I consulted mine several times before deciding on which color I wanted for these mitts. The folks at Quince & Co. are very nice and ship things super quickly. I’m definitely keeping them on my list of go-to yarn companies from now on.

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