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MADTOSH store update!

A few weeks ago I posted about my trip to the DFW Fiber Fest and mentioned that Madelinetosh is opening a brick and mortar store not too far from my house. Well get ready to make some travel plans because the store will be having their grand opening next Saturday, April 28th! More information about the store can be found currently on their Facebook page and also the Ravelry group they have set up just for the store. There’s also a website for the store. Amy Hendrix, owner of Madtosh, has a few threads started on the Ravelry group which provide a little more information as to what’s going to be in the store and the sorts of classes they plan on offering. Spoiler: They will be offering several yarn brands in addition to Madelinetosh yarns and will be carrying fabric in the store. Oh dear, this does not bode well for my crafting stash! What I’m most looking forward to are the classes. The moment signup is available for the Color Theory class I know I’ll be all over that. I’m planning to drag my sister along. They even mentioned quilting classes. So essentially, I will be living there. :)

The location of the shop also has a few added bonuses for those of you who also like to drag along non-knitters. Winslow’s Wine Cafe and Curly’s Custard are mere feet away from the shop so, hey, there’s something for everyone! Not too far from the shop (maybe 7 or so minutes) are several awesome museums, the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens, Trinity Park, and all the restaurants you could ever want. Seriously, they could not have picked a better spot. All I can say is that I hope the next week goes quickly, I have some yarn shopping to do!

Random picture of Tosh DK in Byzantine just so I don’t have a pictureless post ♥

5 thoughts on “MADTOSH store update!

  1. I live just up//down Camp Bowie and I am totally thrilled to find this knit store in the neighborhood. I knit my way through college and two children. The members of Fort Worth Woman’s Club assigned me to find out how to do some crochet project an this shop calmly did the trick and I challenge them to join me there….even little ole ladies can find a place to sit and talk….jacque steinberger

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