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Madtosh Crafts Grand Opening

Yesterday Madtosh Crafts officially opened their doors! It was a great day for it, sunny but not too hot. I arrived about an hour before the store opened and live tweeted until my arms were full, which was pretty much immediately after the grand opening time at 11am. I wasn’t the first one there though, at 10am there was about 6 or 7 people already waiting outside of the shop. I overheard one guy say he came up from Houston. Awesome! I don’t blame him for driving the 5 hours for this store opening. Here’s a few snapshots of the shop from the inside.

You can find the full pictures from this grid on my Twitter feed. I think it was the most I’ve tweeted in one day! I was really impressed with how gorgeous the space is. It reminded me of being in Purl Soho. Lots of clean lines and natural light. I am so happy this place is here!

There was a good crowd of people and plenty of yarn for everyone. My first time around I picked up mostly fabric. They have some beautiful selections.

The second and third times (because yes, there was more looking around) I bought some books, yarn, and a little more fabric.

Twist DK in Envy to make the Undercover blanket

Pashmina in Olivia for a Legacy wrap

and Tosh Sock, also in Olivia. I’m currently having a thing for this yellowish-green color. I’ve already casted on for Elm socks by Cookie A.

I also finally got my hands on the Barbara Walker Treasuries!! These were my early graduation present to myself. I didn’t see the fourth one, but went ahead and got it on Amazon this morning. I can’t believe I will soon have the entire set!

To complete such a perfect Saturday I also won the 12 o’clock raffle! I seriously couldn’t believe it!

And the inside held quite a bit…

Wow, 3 full skeins of Blue Sky Alpacas Royal?! Seriously, this stuff is softer than kittens. There was also a kit with Cascade Ultra Pima and a Knitting Daily dvd. Pretty sweet raffle if you ask me. :D

I am thrilled that this wonderful shop is minutes from my house. It’s clear local crafters are excited about it too. I’m looking forward to seeing this place much more often in the future. ♥

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