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Yet another yarn cabinet…

Last weekend my sister and I made our usual stop at Target for our usual groceries. On a whim I decided to look through the furniture section. I really had no plans to buy anything from that section, but then I found this cabinet on sale.

Naturally it came home with me. I put it together right away and am so so so pleased with it! It actually fits more than the previous cabinet. Although the older one was functional for storing yarn, it did have some drawbacks. Mainly it was difficult to find anything in it since it was so deep. It’s also really low to the ground. We’re rearranging our living room so the former yarn cabinet will be moved downstairs to provide some desperately needed storage. I think it’ll be happier there. :)

Anyway, my new yarn cabinet is awesome! It matches absolutely nothing in my room but the bright color is pleasant and I have a better place to stack my knitting books now. Here’s a few more photos:

Seriously, so much easier to find something! All of the yarn in here is either lace or fingering weight. I really like that the depth is about as long as hank of yarn. This helps tremendously when stacking things. Also, since I can see the yarn better I find myself looking through my stash more often and thinking of projects to use them toward. This cabinet is definitely a win!

While filling the cabinet I set aside the smaller bits of sock yarn so they wouldn’t get lost in the sea of skeins. These bits went into a large and lovely jar which I adore since I no longer have to hunt around for various bits of yarn when needed.

So my advice for you if you’re looking for a yarn cabinet is: 1) find something visually appealing, 2) find one with glass doors so that you can see your beautiful stash, and 3) pick a cabinet that doesn’t require you to sit on the floor and hunch over to find your desired yarn. I think if those 3 things are met you’ll have a piece of furniture that you (and your yarn) will love for many years. :)

3 thoughts on “Yet another yarn cabinet…

  1. I love the yarn cabinet! What a great idea! I need to go furniture shopping! I like the jar of yarn bits too. Thank you for the inspiration!

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