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Knitscene Accessories 2012 favorites!

Last post I mentioned picking up the much awaited (seriously, I was counting down days) issue of Knitscene Accessories 2012. After five minutes alone with the magazine I had marked almost every single pattern in this issue, that’s how awesome this one is! Anyway, I figured I’d share my top five favorites from the mag. Was it hard to pick just five? You bet! These five are just the ones I hope to get on and off the needles first before it gets cold again. I have a good six months before that happens here in Texas, so if I do one a month I’m in good shape. Also, I love making accessories! Ok here we go. These aren’t in order of most or least favorite, just in the order they show up in the magazine…

 I love chevrons and herringbone patterns. Both in one cowl just seals the deal for me.

These socks look so cozy and stylish. I already have decided to use Quince & Co.’s Finch yarn for them. I’ll probably just use some scrap yarn from my sock yarn bits jar for the stripe.

I don’t typically like knitting scarves but if it’s in a delicious yarn I know this one will zoom off the needles. The sample is in Blue Sky Alpacas Melange, but I just might use the Blue Sky Alpacas Royal I won at the Madtosh grand opening a few weeks ago. :)

I wouldn’t consider myself a year-round hat person but I think this beret might make me one. Also, doesn’t the model look a lot like Claudette Colbert circa It Happened One Night? This is my very favorite movie so I might be imposing my perception on this matter. Either way, this is a gorgeous hat!

And finally…

These mitts on the cover really caught my attention. I love how they add a bit of boldness to an outfit without being overbearing. I’m still debating on yarn choice but hope to cast on for these mitts very soon.

The whole issue is chock-full (Rav link) of amazing patterns. In my excitement to start a pattern from this issue I haven’t started any yet since I can’t decide. Isn’t it funny how that works? Here’s hoping I’ll get something started soon. :)

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