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Much ado about socks

Earlier this year I declared that this would be the “year of socks” for me as I had never made or attempted to make socks before. I’ve been largely quiet on this topic but that’s not to say I’ve abandoned my mission to make socks. I just have been putting writing this post off. The reason mainly has to do with the fact that I haven’t been able to get really good photos of my finished socks in flattering light. Considering it’s already the middle of June I figured I would just go ahead and share what I have. Please don’t judge my crummy photos too harshly. :)

So far I have completed three pairs of socks: two for me and one for my sister as a surprise gift. All three pairs were done using the wonderful book Getting Started: Knitting Socks by Ann Budd. I have to say, she is SO nice! She has personally commented on my two of my socks in Ravelry. Seriously, I was just so touched that she wrote a quick, encouraging note on my socks. It was pretty neat getting to exchange a few words with her.

Alright back to the socks. My sister’s pair were straightforward in self-striping Knit Picks Felici Sport yarn. I used two balls (but not all of both) and made sure to match the ends before starting which is why they match up so nicely. For the pattern I used the 7 stitches per Inch Sock. I think my gauge ended up closer to 8 st/inch, thankfully there’s plenty of nylon in this yarn. The yarn is the Boutique colorway – a nice mix of coral, mint, pink, beige, and light blue. Raveled here.

My first and third socks seem to be following a theme: Futurama! Futurama is my most favorite tv show of all time and it was fun getting to use yarns that remind me of it in some way. My first pair of socks were done in the Calumet colorway of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock. At first I wasn’t really hyped about the color but after realizing the purple in the socks matched the color of Leela’s hair I really started to adore the yarn. Raveled here.

These socks were also done using the 7 Stitches per Inch pattern. It’s seems to be a good, standard sock pattern.

Below: A more accurate photo of the color knit up in somewhat better light.

The last of my finished socks (so far) were done in the Hercules colorway of Fleece Artist 2/6 yarn I bought from Eat. Sleep. Knit. earlier this year (check out their new & awesome website!). I had shown this skein a while ago when trying to decide which yarn to use for my  first pair of socks.

Alas, they exist now! These colors remind me of virtually every main character on Futurama, from Fry’s orangish hair and red jacket to Hermes army green suit to the color of the Planet Express spaceship. I added the silver-grey cuff, heel, and toe especially for Bender. :) When I first started knitting these socks all I could think of was this one particular quote from the “I Dated a Robot” episode:

Fry: I just saw something incredibly cool! A big floating ball that lit up with every color of the rainbow, plus some new ones that were so beautiful I fell to my knees and cried.

Amy: Was it out in front of Discount Shoe Outlet?

Fry: Yeah…

Amy: They have a college kid wear that to attract customers.

Above: Best picture of actual color I could get.

I did this pair using the 8 Stitches per Inch pattern. However, they are a bit snug from my tight tension. Apparently the smaller I go in needle size the tighter I hold the yarn. Good to know for future projects. Raveled here.

So with three pairs of socks done I decided to switch things up and try toe-up socks. I’ll write about that another day though. I would like to say that I’m very glad I started with top-down socks first to get my bearings and better understand sock construction. It’s definitely helped me get over my fear of picking up stitches and doing short-rows. Socks are awesome like that. ♥

10 thoughts on “Much ado about socks

  1. If you’re going to try toe-up socks, you HAVE TO USE Socks from the Toe Up by Wendy Knits. It is amazing and practical and teaches you everything you need to know about toe-up. In case you can’t tell, I love it ;)

  2. I started to knit because of wanting to make socks..I am slightly obsessed, but have only made 3 pairs, but partial 2 other pairs…good on you..haven’t tried toe-up yet…

  3. As someone else doing a year of socks, I salute you! I have really loved getting to really understand socks, now that I’m working on my 7th, 8th and 9th pair of the year (all at the same time).

    Your socks are looking great, and those Futurama socks, so much fun!

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