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A little mental break

With June being such a busy month I haven’t been quite up to blogging. My mind has certainly been occupied in both my professional and personal life. So in order to slow down a little bit and restore my energy I decided to take the past week off for a relaxing at-home vacation. My original plan was to do some designing, pattern-writing, cleaning up the tags for the blog and work on some programming, however, it was clear being in front of the computer was not what I needed. Instead, I spent the majority of the past week quilting! Although this blog isn’t about quilting I really wanted to share my latest FO. I humbly present my first actual quilt….

(My sister is holding the quilt, I was laughing because it looks like the quilt is floating on its own.)

I have no problem saying that I am not the best sewer. Who ever said that everyone can sew a straight line has clearly not met me or seen my sewing. Quite frankly I’m somewhat intimidated by sewing. I mean with knitting, if you mess up you can always rip back and start over. But with sewing once something’s cut, that’s it! I’ve been saving this Moda collection, “Little Apples” by Aneela Hoey, layer cake I bought a year or two ago and decided to just jump in and see where it took me. After all, I can’t get better without practice. The finished size is 60″ x 41 3/4″.

I’m really pleased with it. This was my first large-scale quilting/sewing project and even though it’s not perfect it’s still very special. I am absolutely in love with these prints and colors!

(I love this backing, the little squirrels and hedgehogs are so adorable!)

I will say that I was very anxious before I started the actual quilting part because I have a very small sewing machine. I use a Singer Featherweight 75, which is described as 3/4 the size of a regular machine. I had absolutely no reason to worry though, the featherweight worked like a dream. It took some crafty maneuvering at times but the actual sewing was like butter. I’ll have to write another post about it one day soon, it’s a really neat machine.

Okay, tomorrow I’ll be back to write about some yummy yarn! :)

10 thoughts on “A little mental break

  1. Your quilt turn out beautiful! Love the Colors you used. You have such a talent in all you do. You should be proud.

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