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TML Mini-skeins!!

Yesterday Madtosh held an Ice Cream Social/Raveler meetup, it was really fun! Crafty folk are so awesome. I knew before I went there that I wanted to grab a few more Tosh Merino Light mini-skeins for some shawls and I was totally in luck. The staff even added some neutrals which is perfection because I really wanted some to add to my color collection. :D

The neutrals (+ a couple extra colors I picked up):

The colors together (these are all ones I’ve gotten over the past few months since Madtosh opened):

(From the top/left to bottom/right – Lai, Scarlet, Torchere, Citrus, Grapefruit, Butter, Button Jar Blue, Seaglass, Baltic, Orchid)

A little bit more about the mini-skeins…They contain 52 yards each and are the perfect amount to use for colorwork, adding color to mittens, a stripe for something that doesn’t require a whole skein, etc. I’ll be using the Baltic and Citrus in addition to a full skein of Antler and Charcoal to make the Pterotactyl shawl by Marc Smollin. I completely loved the test knitting sample with the pop of orange and blue. A few of the other mini-skeins will be used to make another Technologic shawl sample (can also be found on my Designs page), this time with a different color for each stripe. Clearly I can’t stop using Tosh Merino Light, it’s really my favorite yarn to work with.

I’m not sure if the mini-skeins are available at other yarn shops beyond Madtosh. If your LYS has Madelinetosh in stock and you’d like to see mini-skeins too I recommend asking the LYS shop owner or perhaps contacting Madelinetosh directly. Maybe if there’s several requests they’ll be able to see there’s a demand for the smaller yardage option. If you do know of other yarn shops that have these in stock, please let me know and I’ll update this post.

While I was taking the above pictures I decided to have a little fun with the skeins…

And then I tucked them away into a large jar to serve as eye candy and be used another day. :)

10 thoughts on “TML Mini-skeins!!

  1. I actually was just gifted 2 sets of mini-skeins, and I was thinking of using them to make a Technologic. How are you planning on doing yours? I haven’t really given it much thought…

    1. I think I’m going to do my stripes using a gradient effect, so the first stripe being the lightest color and that last bottom one being the darkest. I’m still debating on colors though, but my main goal is to see exactly how much yardage is used for each stripe. I’ll definitely write a post about it as I get through it. Looking forward to seeing yours as well!

  2. Hi – I have used your lovely rainbow skein as the header for my blog. It’s a uni assignment that’s due today. I’ll make sure to give you credit. If it’s not ok to use, could you please let me know ASAP and I’ll change it.

    Thank you
    Kind regards

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