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Where did that month go?

I looked and the last time I wrote a post was exactly a month ago! What happened you ask? Well, things have been busy because *drumroll please*  I got a new job AND I’m moving!! This whole summer has been quite hectic. Work projects have been large but satisfying, my best friend moved back from New York City so I’ve been catching up with her, and interviewing with a place I’m looking forward to being a part of have really consumed my time. It’s all great though, just means I had less time to sit down and update the blog as much as I thought I would.

Anyway, these are exciting times folks, I feel like I won the librarian lottery and couldn’t be more thrilled about it! About the only downside to the move that I can think of (apart from losing my sister as a roommate) is moving away from Madtosh (yes, an LYS ranks pretty high in my book). The town I’m moving to doesn’t have an LYS so looks like all my stashing and hoarding will pay off. The funny thing is even though I’ll be moving an hour and a half away Madtosh is still the closest LYS to me! My sister will stay in the area so my two favorite things about Fort Worth will make the trip more than worth it come back and visit often.

I have made time for knitting, however. Off the top of my head I have at least 7 WIPs going on — some more worked on than others. I just recently went ahead and packed up my yarn so that I couldn’t start anymore projects. I also pulled out a modest amount of skeins to destash and listed them on my Ravelry destash page (I think you need to be logged in to see the skeins). If you’re interested in anything I’ve listed, please PM me in Ravelry. :)

My most recent finished object is this shawl I made using the basic template to my Technologic shawl. I used some yarn I got at the Estes Park Wool Festival a couple of years ago. I love single-ply yarns!

As you can see instead of stripes I did a solid body and did 3×3 ribbing in lieu of the seed stitch edging. It still needs to be blocked, but I’m not sure it’s going to happen before I move.

I’m currently working on a second sample for the Technologic pattern, but will be using a different color for each stripe (these are some of the Tosh Merino Light mini-skeins I mentioned in the last post). I’m still working on the body before any stripes are added but these are my color choices:

The stripes will start with the Citrus and end with Tart as the edging. Tomorrow I’ll be going to Knit Night at Madtosh and hope to get to the first stripe by the end of the evening.

Once this sample is done I plan to edit/update the pattern to include instructions on completing the shawl with multiple colors in addition to the original pattern where I used just two colors. I can’t make any promises on when this will happen, but it is definitely on my to-do list.

I have so many other things to write about but I’ll cap it here tonight. This girl still has packing to do! :D

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