Yarn Giveaway time!

Edit: This giveaway is closed. The winner has already been annouced. Thank you to those who entered!

Now that I’m officially settled in my new home and job I felt it was a good time to do another yarn giveaway! Before I moved I went through my entire yarn stash, skein by skein, and pulled out several skeins that I felt would be happier in another person’s yarn stash. I’m offering these skeins up for free to one (1) random person who leaves a comment on this post between now (September 28th, 2012) and 9:00pm US Central Time next Wednesday (October 3rd, 2012) . I’ll choose the winner by using a random number generator and make the announcement at 10:30pm US Central time next Wednesday. International visitors are more than welcome to enter the giveaway. I pay all shipping costs. :D Also, I have a cat-friendly home. I like to mention that in case someone needs to know for allergy purposes. So what’s up for grabs you ask?

2 skeins Malabrigo Lace in Dusty
3 skeins Knit Picks CotLin in Pomegranate
2 skeins Classic Elite Classic One-Fifty in color #7203 (grey)
2 skeins Louisa Harding La Salue in color #10 (grey)
2 skeins Misti Alpaca Lace 2-Ply in color #2105 (red)
2 skeins Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud in Dill
1 skein Knit Picks Alpaca in Midnight
2 skeins Knit Picks Shadow in Nocturne Heather
1 skein Knit Picks Shadow in Soot Kettle-Dyed
1 skein Knit Picks Shadow in Vineyard
1 skein Knit Picks Shadow in Midnight

That’s right, these 19 skeins can be all yours! Here’s another picture from a different angle:

Ready to enter? Leave one (1) comment on this post (I’ll only count 1 per person) and please make sure to leave me someway to contact you (blog link, email address, etc.). I do use a spam filter and will need to approve the comments of those who have not commented before. Don’t worry, I’ll keep a close watch and approve comments as quick as I can.  Please let me know if you have any questions and good luck!! ♥

54 thoughts on “Yarn Giveaway time!

  1. Thank you for this offer. I would love to win this yarn! The colors are some of my favorites, especially the dill and midnight blue.

  2. I hope you are enjoying your new job and space! Thank you for your generous spirit! Whoever wins will be very lucky indeed! Blessings of the full moon to you 😃

  3. Wow, that’s one way to get your comments section blown out of the water! I’m with sewsable – no Knitpicks yarn in New Zealand, so superkeen!

  4. So many pretties! I don’t know how you can bear to part with them all, though Mumsy and I would be more than happy to help you with that task :)

  5. I have a cat friendly house to and his favorite place to sleep is in my yarn bins. (of course). it looks like you have all of my favorite colors.

  6. A long time ago, I learned knitting, and now that I am “getting on” in Life (and that means I am 49 years old) I would really love to settle myself into knitting again. I love colours of all sorts, and I love your designs on your blog, especially the Cowls. Thank you Kate, for running this Blog to help with the love of knitting. Whoever wins is a lucky person, and those who don’t win still win anyway, by following your words. Thanks again.

  7. I adore Knit Picks yarns! I’ve been a good girl have nearly used up my stash so it’s time to replenish! I see all kinds of possibilities with your generous giveaway- should I be the luck winner I’d be able to start creating as soon as it arrives!

  8. How utterly generous of you.
    I have received Knit Picks catalog and emails I just have not bought yarn in so long more for economical reasons than for anything else.
    Knitting is such a wonderful way to relax plus you get a wonderful item as a result of your time and effort.

  9. Wow!!!! Great stash would love to one as in Spain there’s no malabrigo, no knitpicks and wouls sooooo love to try them!!!

  10. What a beautiful selection, the yarns you are keeping must be stunning! I still have a lot to learn about knitting and these would be inspirational yarns to use. Thanx for the opportunity!

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