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Review: Super-Scary Mochimochi

With Halloween only a couple of days away I figured this would be a really good time to review the awesomely adorable Super-Scary Mochimochi by the brilliant Anna Hrachovec.

Super scary mochimochi book!

I recently purchased this book through Knit Picks since they were having one of their budget-friendly 40% off book sales. I’m not sure if the sale is still ongoing but if there’s a book on your wishlist that sale is a good time to pick it up. :) Anyway, when I received this book I took some time to sit and take in all the hilarious patterns and creative photos that really make this book special (and funny!). Anna is a master of creating patterns for all sorts of fun and random toys. Not all of the items in the book are necessarily kid-friendly but she does give instructions in what needs to be done if you do decide to make something for a child. I also really like how Anna breaks the knitting down part by part to aid in creating your own unique mochimochi monster. The instructions at the front of the book include information (and great photos) on seaming techniques and picking up stitches, which is useful far beyond this book. Another definite plus that makes this book great for any knitter’s collection.

I picked a few of my top favorites to show you. These were the ones that really made me giggle and wish I could drop everything to start on them right away.

Zombie Sleepover (which floored me, I was laughing about this one for a good 2 days)

Zombie sleepover! #mochimochi

What-to-Werewolf (everything about this is awesome, I absolutely need to have this done by next Halloween!)

Need to make!

Killer Bees (okay, I love this pattern most for the description and teeny bee graffiti.)

Killer bees #mochimochi

There’s a total of 16 projects included in the book which is really great. Make sure to check the rest of the patterns out on the book’s ravelry page!

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