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ISLAND by Jane Richmond

Yesterday was a good day for a number of reasons, mainly knitterly related. One of the reasons being the much-anticipated release of Jane Richmond’s new book ISLAND. A few weeks ago I managed to stumble upon the trailer video of the book and have since been counting down the days to when I could get my hands on a copy of this amazing collection of patterns. Lo and behold beginning yesterday (November 1st) until November 7th, 2012 you can pre-order the actual book (which will be shipped November 30th) while also receiving the digital version right away! There is also an option to purchase just the digital version anytime from here on out. However, I really wanted the print version as well. That’s just the kind of knitter/bibliophile I am. :)

As for the patterns….it isn’t everyday that I fall absolutely in love with every pattern in a book. I gotta say, as far as style goes, Jane Richmond is my go-to designer. Jane did a stellar job creating a beautiful and functional collection without being too matchy-matchy. The icing on the cake? I have yarn available in my stash that fits the bill for every single pattern in here, in 3 cases the exact brand/base called for! Totally meant to be, I think. Alright, time for some pattern photos (which are fabulous by the way)!

(All of the photos below are from each of the pattern’s Ravelry pages, click on the photo to go to the specific pattern featured).

Arbutus cowl

Rathtrevor mitts

Renfrew hat

Strathcona scarf

Grace cardigan

Okay, I’m off to cake some skeins, I have some knitting to do! ♥

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