Sometimes it pays to stay up late…

The weekend before last I was up until 2am for no reason other than not being sleepy. Usually I lay in bed with my iPad on my chest alternating between looking at Pinterest, Twitter, and Ravelry. That particular night I happened across a very recent tweet from Krista of Pigeonroof Studios saying she was selling a limited amount of grab bags of her yarn in her new online shop. Oh boy, I was all over it! According to the listing the grab bags valued at over $100 but she was selling them for a mere $35 each (not sure why other than because she’s AWESOME)! So yep, totally dropped that $35 in a blink of an eye because I love PRS yarns and I love yarny surprises. The package arrived in the mail Monday and I was overjoyed at each beautiful and squishy skein within.

Pigeonroof Studios grab bag skeins :D

From top left to bottom right: Siren Two Lace in Dolma, Cassiopeia Singles Fingering weight in Honey, Cassiopeia DK in Tideling and Cassiopeia DK in Inkpot.

I love each of the colors and am so excited to welcome these skeins into the stash. Since each yarn was labeled I was able to start trolling through Ravelry to look for patterns that would work. I came across this awesome hat by the brilliant Amy Christoffers called Perigee Hat.

Perigee hat by Amy Christoffers

(photo links directly to the Ravelry pattern page)

Her sample actually uses Cassiopeia DK in Inkpot so I’m taking this as a clear sign to make this hat.

Pigeonroof Studios Cassiopeia DK in Inkpot

The other three, I’m not sure yet but I’m sure there’s a project out there for them. For now I’ll be happy to occasionally pull them out and admire the gorgeous dye job. As the case with many beautiful yarns, the grab bags sold out quickly. I’m so thankful I was up late for no reason. :)

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