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Year end stash enhancement!

Nothing perks up a knitter’s ears like hearing about a 40% off everything sale at their LYS. Even better is that LYS being Madtosh, my most beloved place in Ft. Worth, Texas, aside from my old apartment. I trekked over there this morning and was happy to see lots in stock still (the sale started yesterday). The sale ends today, though, at 6:30 pm (so if you happen to see this post 12/29/12 and live relatively close to Madtosh, stop reading this and get over there!!). It was a great morning and considering my usual…ahem…habit of buying far too much yarn, I was much more behaved and spent less than $40 (folks, I saved $22 though!). Since I have enough yarn to probably last me the rest of my life I spent my time looking at fabric and felt, and then of course looked at the yarn anyway. Can’t deny my true love, can I? I feel like I made out a like a bandit, though. So many pretties for not much dough. :)

madtosh sale 12/29/12

Of course I picked up some more Tosh Merino Light mini-skeins. They were hard to resist, particularly being $1.80 a piece (they usually go for $3.00). I chose these 8 to take home.

tosh merino light mini-skeins_12-29-12

I love these little tid-bits of TML, so absolutely useful. Soon I will reveal the shawl where I used several of these in a gradient version of my Technologic pattern. I just need to block it! :D

I also picked up ten sheets of wool felt. These are SO much more wonderful and easy to work with than  any acrylic felt you’ll find at the larger craft stores. Clearly I had a certain color spectrum in mind since these colors look very similar to the TML mini-skein colors I chose as well.

wool felt from Madtosh Crafts

 A couple of fat quarters and a skein of Tosh Merino in Victorian Gothic round out the rest of the score.

Fat quarters from Madtosh Crafts

Madelinetosh Tosh Merino in Victorian Gothic

The Tosh Merino will more than likely become these mittens that I hope to make for NaKniMitMo 2013. I think the one skein should work.

I’m so glad I had the opportunity to attend this sale. What a fun way to end the year!

4 thoughts on “Year end stash enhancement!

  1. Lots of pretties..can’t wait to see what the specific colors are for…..I live within 45 minutes of WEBS and within an hour of several LYS… can be dangerous when I get the itching….but lately I’ve been scratching online….

    1. oh oops, sorry I should have clarified. They sell from other vendors such as Moda and Robert Kaufman. The pinwheel fabric is from the Mama Said Sew collection. I’ll have to see which collection the brown fabric is from. It would be awesome to see fabric from Madtosh though, I’m sure they could make a beautiful collection based on madelinetosh colorways. :)

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