Getting back into it

If I have any followers anymore I would be very surprised. I can’t believe I let the first half of this year slip away with only 2 posts written! Shameful, and I do apologize many times over. I know I’m not the first blogger to fall off blogging regularly or pretty much disappearing without a trace for several months. But I do feel bad about it. Thankfully things are looking up, at least for the blog and Compositions of Wool. I recently moved to a larger space that allows for more creative freedom. It also has more sunlight which my former place was lacking in spades which in turn meant I had less energy to write, craft, and generally be inspired. I’m a homebody and being happy with my home is absolutely essential. Anyway, all that is to say that I hope I can get back to posting more often. Graduate school is done yet again (yay for a new certificate!) so I have my free time back. I have several things to show you but until I can get them organized I figured I’d share how I packed and moved my yarn stash to my new home. (At the very least you’ll get a peek into what’s in my stash and colorful pictures to boot!)

Needless to say I’ve spent a lot of time (and money) building my yarn stash. It’s organized by weight and color between 2 hutches and then several smaller tubs for specific brands (Knit Picks Palette has 3 mid-sized containers all its own). For the things in the hutches I used larger plastic tubs to transport them. Within each tub I put a layer of yarn, a sheet of tissue paper, another layer of yarn, and so on until everything was packed.

stash move 2013_reds





And here are the tubs stacked neatly before being unpacked and put safely away in their respective place in my yarn hutches.

tubs of yarn 1-4

tubs 5-8 of yarn

This all probably sounds pretty OCD and maybe a little over the top, but this was all in the interest of keeping things safe and together without turning into a giant mess. Unloading the yarn went really quickly since I didn’t have to sort through everything again. Of course while going through my yarn I also pulled out several skeins meaning there will be another giveaway soon! More details to follow but hopefully I can get them together by next week. :)


5 thoughts on “Getting back into it

  1. hey! nice to see you back, have you knitted anything fun with the yarn I sent you yet? I radndomly found my TFA in my stash today when I went through it with my mum!
    Excited to hear that you have a fun new home, there is nothing like making a good move.

    1. Thanks! I made a monster with the purple/orange handspun but still need to put him together. The other 2 skeins are waiting in the wings but hope to use them for something soon. Knitting with your handspun actually got me into wanting to spin for myself because I loved working with it so much! :D

  2. I love that you have it color coded! I literally haven’t crocheted since Christmas break. I’m losing the one skill that my Zombie plan is based on. I’m still pretty jealous that you can make socks. It will be pretty great if we get to be neighbors though. :)

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