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Stranded knitting hack

I could never catch on to the knitting with both hands method of doing stranded knitting. I’m much more comfortable keeping the colors running from my right hand (I’m a thrower) but when working with more than one color I would get frustrated with my yarns twisting together. I started dreaming up elaborate contraptions to keep this from happening but ultimately all it took was a humble condiment tray (aka “Lazy Susan”) to keep things straight.

stranded knitting on tray

I got this tray for less than $10 at Walmart and it’s been worth every penny. Now I can twist or untwist my yarn in a few quick turns of the tray rather than pick up each yarn ball and spend a few minutes untangling them. Do you have some knitting hacks that you enjoy using?

Mittens shown are the O.W.L. mittens by Celeste Young from the “Unofficial Harry Potter Knits, Special Issue 2013” published by Interweave.

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