My New Sewing Machine

A couple of weeks ago I suddenly became very obsessed with finding a new sewing machine. I finally hit that point where my current machine just wasn’t adequate enough to make the kind of quilts I wanted to make — which is bigger quilts! So after many nights of looking at sewing machine brand websites and reading reviews I finally decided the best way to really get a good idea of what I wanted would be to go to a sewing store in person. I’m SO glad I did this. For real, I thought I would just purchase one online but it made such a huge difference going in person because I got to try out different machines and talk to the machine repair person who quickly identified the ones that fit my list of have-to-have’s. If you’re in the North Texas area I highly recommend going to Sewing World of Weatherford. They were incredibly helpful and absolutely wonderful.

I came home with a Janome Memory Craft 6600P and just cannot fully express how much I love this machine. It sews like butter, like a freaking dream! Even the rhythm of the stitching sounds beautiful. I can’t get enough of it. I think it’s been on the market for a while. I really like that it has a larger work space, has a steel frame, and a thread cutter button. I was told it’s a workhorse and my hope is that it’ll be the last machine I get for many, many years.

Janome MC 6600P

After un-boxing it and reading through the instructions, I got to work on a simple quilt. I have a lot of fat eights so I selected my favorites and threw together this Chameleon quilt top which is a free pattern from the Fat Quarter Shop. I’ll share more photos of it when it’s done but if you’re looking for a quick, throw sized quilt to make this one is hard to beat.

And if you’re wondering what I did with my other machine, I’m keeping it to use for piecing. This allows me to keep the dual feed foot on the Janome and use it more as a quilting machine.

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