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Some YouTube Favorites

I feel like I joined the YouTube wagon kind of late and I really have no excuse because it’s such an awesome way to learn and gain inspiration for all sorts of projects! I’ve been obsessively watching sewing and quilting videos recently and I have my sister to thank for that. While visiting her a couple of months ago she put on some episodes of Midnight Quilt Show with Angela Walters and I was hooked. If you haven’t watched those yet, make some time and get comfy because you’ll want to watch the full series in one sitting. Each video is less than 10 minutes and oh so entertaining. I totally look forward to Wednesday’s, when a new episode comes out. The show is taking a brief break but I heard new episodes will start-up in March. This is one of my favorites of hers:

To satiate my thirst for more sewing/quilting videos I found many others who are producing quality tutorials and wanted to list my favorites. Here they are in no particular order except that the last listed is what I’m currently working on so it’s a bit of a sneak peek.

Art Gallery Fabrics YouTube Channel: 

Great videos for inspiration and quilt block tutorials.

Craftsy YouTube Channel:

So many videos which makes sense since that’s practically their bread and butter. I learned how to paper piece with this tutorial from them. They are also host to the Midnight Quilt Show. Essentially, I ♥ Craftsy.

Amanda Rolfe YouTube Channel:

Excellent tutorials. I just love how calming her videos are and how much they make me want to actually iron. A winning combo. Her blog contains the pattern details she demonstrates in her videos: https://3and3quarters.net/ 

The Crafty Gemini YouTube Channel:

She has a nice variety of videos but I like her review videos best.

Fat Quarter Shop YouTube Channel:

Great inspiration for notions and block designs. I feel like there’s something for everyone here.

Man Sewing YouTube Channel:

Rob is a great teacher and full of energy. He also has several tutorials on free motion quilting designs. I haven’t gotten brave enough to try FMQ myself but his videos are very encouraging so I might give it a try soon.

Missouri Star Quilt Company YouTube Channel:

I am so fond of Jenny and the MSQC’s videos. I re-watch these regularly and am working towards watching every single one — there must be over 100 videos!  There’s an enormous amount of quilting inspiration going on here so if you ever feel like you’re in a slump this is a great channel for you to delve into. My current WIP is the Stacks Quilt. As soon as I saw this video I knew I had to make it. I mean I’m a librarian, how could I not?! I’m currently cutting my jelly rolls to size and hope to start piecing this weekend.

What are some videos and YouTube channels that you like? I’m thinking of creating a page of favorites to link out to things from so they don’t get buried in blog posts. I’m always looking for new resources so feel free to comment with your faves! :)

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