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Les Fleurs are blooming

What a month March was! Although it’s my birth month I was glad to move into April for a few reasons. Before I get into that I not only had the great pleasure this year to join both the Modern Quilt Guild and the local-to-me Fort Worth Modern Quilt Guild, but I was able to make the March meeting of the FWMQG which was SUPER fun! I’m an introvert (and I’ll be real – a lazy homebody) so I kind of had to psych myself up to go but I’m very glad I did. Everyone was warm and welcoming and incredibly kind. I wish I could go to each meeting but their meetings are usually set up for Thursdays and I live over an hour away so I’ll see how it’ll work out. The perks of being a member are amazing and there was a speaker there to share tips on entering quilt shows. It’s remarkably timely because I would really like to submit a quilt that’s been rolling around in my mind since February which I started piecing yesterday. Crossing fingers I can get it done in time to enter it into the 2018 QuiltCon show.

So it’s been over a month since my last post. The main reason was that I did very little other than stress continuously over work things and a conference I was preparing to present at. The conference was last week (and I think I presented well…I hope) so now I feel I can relax and get back into crafting. I was holding off doing anything major until I returned but I did work on some smaller projects to keep the jitters at bay. Before I left I made this quick makeup pouch since it always seems like I want a new one before each trip I go on. I had a half yard of this Rosa canvas from the Les Fleurs line of Rifle Paper Company for Cotton + Steel that I got from the Missouri Star Quilt Company and made a basic lined bag.


I was excited to have a good bit of the half yard left over. While at the conference I kept thinking of what to make with it and decided I really needed to revamp my couch cushions. I love canvas for home decor things so I pulled out the rest of the Rosa canvas and decided to also use my much coveted City Maps Natural from the same line.


I chose New York due to having actually visited there before and the fact that it has a little Flatiron building on it which is my favorite building in Manhattan. <3 <3 <3


I’m just in love with the corresponding colors I chose for each of the pillows. Often I feel very inadequate in selecting complimentary colors for a project but I took my time in auditioning solids and thankfully had exactly what I was hoping for in my stash.


They were the perfect way to get back into sewing. Although I did royally screw up my drawing specs that I used to cut out the solids which resulted in some additional piecing and resizing I think it worked out well. I just had to come to terms that they’d be covered in cat hair in mere seconds. Here’s one of my helpers… He looks mad but he’s a real cuddler and I think was just annoyed I had a box in his sleeping space on my sewing table. Tuxie cats are so hard to please.


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