Taking stock – accessories edition

Today I had an urge to organize my finished knits stash as it was getting a little frustrating have to look in multiple places for a particular hat or scarf.¬†Occasionally I forget how much stuff I’ve knitted over the years. I took this picture as I was organizing to serve as a reminder that I’ve… Continue reading Taking stock – accessories edition

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Tutorial: Simple Coffee Cup Holder

In an effort to make my patterns as clear as possible I’ve decided to make a short photo tutorial for my first pattern Simple Coffee Cup Holder. You can also find it on Ravelry if you want to add it to your queue or projects page. I know some people do better with visuals so… Continue reading Tutorial: Simple Coffee Cup Holder

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So you’ve decided to start a blog…

Hi there! I think an introduction is in order. My name is Amy and I knit. Actually, I’m more like obsessed with yarn and knitting is the outlet in which I can really use the yarn I love. During the day I am a librarian (aspiring is a better description), I love to organize and… Continue reading So you’ve decided to start a blog…